First Edition of Gala des Femmes en Flammes

A collage of many who attended the event!

Our 10 Honorees

Lady Vivianne Gauthier

Lady Emerante de Pradines

Amb. Danielle Saint-Lot

Ertha Pascal-Trouillot

Première Femme Président d'Haiti Ertha Pascal-Trouillot

Lady Phelicia Dell

Mme Odette Roy-Fombrun

Mme Odette Roy-Fombrun

Lady Yole Ledan Derose

Lady Micheline Laudun Denis

Lady Micheline Laudun Denis

Lady Murielle Leconte

Lady Murielle Leconte

Prof. Bayyinah E Bello

Hosts and Performers

Our Maitres de Ceremonie - Jhonny Djecee Celicourt and Cleve Mesidor

Cleve Mesidor

Here on the red carpet, Cleve is wearing one of our sponsors' designer gowns from Veve Collections by Phelicia Dell.

Our youngest artists - Yanni & Robert's Fevry

Symbie Roots (formerly Rara Fanm)

Robert's Fevry

Performing Panama'm Tombe with the group Strings


Red Carpet Best