Gala des Femmes en Flammes

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Second Edition of Gala Des Femmes en Flammes

Marie L. Deltor

CEO of Reve d'Or Tours and Organizer of the Gala des Femmes en Flammes.

Congratulations to all the Honorees!

Pictures and Bio of honorees will be made available prior to the event.

2nd Edition of Gala des Femmes en Flammes

A series of red-carpet awards ceremony honoring 10 iconic Haitian women who have contributed or still continue to pave the way for new generations.  This gala is our way to say thank you.

Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince

The Marriott Hotel is the home of our Second Edition of Gala des Femmes en Flammes on Saturday, July 7, 2018.

The VIP Pre-Event Cocktail Reception @ 4:30 and followed by the Red-Carpet Award Ceremony from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Keynote Speaker

Amb. Danielle Saint-Lot

First Edition of Gala des Femmes en Flammes' Honoree, Danielle Saint-Lot, is also our Keynote Speaker.  Danielle believes that "If you want to change the world, if you want to influence, you have to start with the woman herself. And to have better Haitians, we must go through the Haitian women » .

..always focused on excellence

Former Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, former Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Haiti, Danielle Saint-Lôt is currently Ambassador of the Republic of Haiti for emancipation of women. She has been involved in numerous initiatives to promote the emergence of women leaders in Haiti. She is  passionate, determined and always seeking for excellence, Danielle has worked to position herself as a vital voice for democracy and sustainable development in Haiti.


Rebecca Barbara Guillaume

Jhonny Djecee Celicourt

Team Organizing Gala des Femmes en Flammes

Amonya Boursiquot

Presenter - Event Manager

Damourude Lazarre

Public Relations - Event Coordinator

Beatrice Mayas

Protocol Director - Event Coordinator

Samuel Nestor

Stage Manager

Wisline Louissaint

Communications Director

Radio Host

Robert Schenko

Program Coordinator

Stage Manager

Some of the Performing Artists

Robert's Fevry

Ducarmel Annelus

Jocelyne Dorisme

Franck Desire

Jean-Jean Roosevelt

Our Dancers

Alexandra Jean-Joseph

From the Mikerline Dance Studio in Valley Stream

Groups and Supporting Band

Maestro Caleb Francois


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It is our objective to have many university students at the gala to be able to participate and understand the reason why Women are important in all societies.

These tickets will be randomly given away by Radio Hosts throughout Haiti.

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