Our Gastronomy


Buffet style breakfast at le Michel, Best Western Premier

Most hotels in Haiti would include a complimentary breakfast with your lodging, usually buffet style.  Here we have tested every type of food in the selection and made little recommendations.


Dinner at the View in Petion-Ville

At the View you can enjoy our Haitian cuisines as well as international dishes.


Lunch buffet style at Royal Decameron Resort & Spa

All you can eat buffet style breakfast at Royal Decameron is fantastic.  So much to enjoy, so much to try.  This resort is an all-inclusive resort, leave your wallet home!

In the past all our foods were organic

Fresh herbs


Often times, Haitian cuisine is often mistaken to be almost the same with the typical Caribbean cuisine. What people always forget is that Haitians are very much in awe of the French culture.

From speaking the language to the school and government system, it would be safe to assume that Haitians would also copy the kitchen manners of their former masters.  



Common food eaten by average Haitians is what they call 'du riz ak poi". It is probably considered the national dish of Haitians. Riz et Pois is basically rice and beans. It doesn’t matter how they cook both the rice and the beans, and whatever inclusions they want to add, as long as the base is rice and beans, it will always be called du riz ak pois. Some add pork, chicken, or beef but a lot of people can eat it plain as rice and beans. Banann Peze is another common food among the Haitian folks. It is a variety of banana fried in oil.  Another food that is homegrown Haitian is what they call Djon-djon. Djon-djon uses ground Haitian black mushrooms to make the rice turn black then topped with lima beans.

For the wealthier segment of the society, meats like pork, goat, duck, chicken, lobster and shrimp are more frequently consumed.

Prepare our seasoning from scratch


Because of this wanting to do how the French do their thing, Haitian cuisine was born but, of course, they have to make do with what they’ve got and have to improvise a lot of things. 

Basically, like the French, Haitians like a strong peppery flavor to their foods. Unlike the typical Caribbean diet, Haitians are not much fond of spicy foods.

Must in Haitian Kitchens

Fresh grown herbs


Those are easily grown at home and usually every home in the countryside has a spice garden that would include every spice needed to use in everyday's meal preparation.



As a young lady, you were to know how to "pile epis" crush spice if this is the only thing you are authorized to do in the kitchen.

Every household had different set of rules for GIRLS in the kitchen, it depends on what level of "classe" that family wants to be part of....



You can't be a real haitian household if you don't have pikliz... we use piklis with several of our meals.  When it comes to fritay, pikliz is a MUST!

Special dishes

Haitian Patties


Tom Tom with Legume Crab


Tomtom ak Kalalou Gombo is now considered to be traditional to the town of Jeremie in southern Haiti, but in colonial times this was the everyday dish of the Haitians. 




di ri kole ak poi rouj - Rice with red beans


Legume Crab


Pikliz - Hot pepper mixed

Soups - Bouillon - Sauce

Bouillon Bef - Beef Soup


Kalalou - Ocra with Beef


Soup Joumou - Pumpkin Soup


Diri ak DjonDjon - Mushroom Rice or Black Rice


Legume Crab

Diri kole ak poi rouj - Red Bean Rice

Epis - Spice

How to make Haitian Creole Spice marinade or Epis 

with Nadege Fleurimond



 A quick and simple way to make a Pikliz with fresh scotch bonnet peppers, cabbage, shredded carrot, cloves, garlic, salt and other flavorful ingredients. Balancing the texture of a coleslaw and the heat of scotch bonnet peppers, you'll quickly get addicted to this wonderful condiment.