Haiti in the 50s

The Rex Theater


The Rex Theater  is a theater in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, that was opened in October 1935. It was built by the Société Haïtienne des Spectacles (Haitian Entertainment Corporation), led by Daniel Brun. The theater seated 1200 people and was managed by Mrs. Muffat Taldy until 1951. 

The Rex has been the site of many cultural and entertainment events. In its first week, the Rex Theater screened films that included La Bataille (The Battle), La Robe Rouge (The Red Dress), Gai Divorce (The Gay Divorcee), and  Banque Nemo and its first play was performed in April 1937. A performance at the Rex was given by Marian Anderson. 

Cultural Events at Rex Theater


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Le Rond Point


One of the best treats we used to receive from our parents was a trip down to the bicentenaire and get an ice cream cone at Le Rond Point.


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Our Pioneer Women

Vivianne Gauthier


 Vivianne Gauthier (March 17, 1918  – June 1, 2017) was a Haitian dancer and teacher of Haitian folkloric dance who studied Haitian folklore with Katherine Dunham-trained Lavinia Williams of which she is considered the heir. She eventually opened the Viviane Gauthier School of Dance in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

Katherine Durham


While in Haiti, Dunham investigated Vodun rituals and made extensive notes in her research, particularly on the dance movements of the participants. Years later, after extensive studies and initiations, she became a mambo in the Vodun religion. 


Dunham often visited Haiti for extended stays. On one of her visits, during the late 1940s, she purchased a large property of more than seven hectares in Carrefour suburban area of Port-au-Prince, known as Habitation Leclerc.

 Dunham used Habitation Leclerc as a private retreat for many years, frequently bringing members of her dance company to recuperate from the stress of touring and to work on developing new dance productions. After running it as a tourist spot, with Vodun dancing as entertainment, in the early 1960s, she sold it to a French entrepreneur in the early 1970s. 

Claudinette Fouchard


This young woman is Miss Haiti 1959-1960 Claudinette Fouchard, the daughter of anthropologist and scholar Jean Fouchard. 

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She's fluent in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Creole of course. She’s also the daughter of Jean Fouchard an anthropologist, writer and former ambassador to Cuba. Ms. Fouchard is the first Haitian to compete in Miss World 1960. 

Habitation LeClerc/Parc de Martissant

 Haïti - Parc de Martissant

Katherine Dunham at home in Martissant, Haiti (1962)

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