Marie Alice Théard, poétesse, galériste et historienne de l’art

Festival Arts de Marie-Alice Theard

Marie Alice Théard, poétesse, galériste et historienne de l’art 

43 rue Magny
Ville De Pétion-Ville, Ouest, Haiti
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Galerie d'art Nader

50 Rue Gregoire, Petion-Ville, Haiti

Tel: +509 3709-0222/ 3701-6366
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Jacmel Arts Center (Sant D'A Jakmel)

The Jacmel Arts Center was established in January 2017 as an inclusive space to support the exhibition, education, and production of the arts in Jacmel. 

The Jacmel Arts Center operate the city’s most prestigious art gallery, an active art school, and popular artisan boutique, in addition to many other programs for the city’s creative population. 

Address: 5-7 Rue Sainte Anne, Jacmel, Haiti

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Phone: +509 44 80 2130

Haitian Arts

Sequin and beaded (outlined in pearl beads) Baron Samedi with Dambala by Georges Valris

Vodou Bottles by Kesler Pierre

a painting by Claude Dambreville

Haitian Artists

Petion Savain

Petion Savain (15 February 1906 – June 1973) was a prolific Haitian artist and writer.

Savain was born in Port-au-Prince and studied at the Haitian School of Agronomy from which received a degree in law. He began painting in his early years and by his early thirties he was also the author of one book, La Case de Damballah. La Case de Damballah was published in 1939 (Imprimerie de L'Etat) and republished in 1970 (Kraus Reprint). The novel also appeared in the 1943 publication Les Oeuvres Nouvelles, Vol. 3 (Edition De La Maison Francaise). Savain eventually became a newspaper columnist, as well as lawyer, teacher, and author.

His artistic works, known for their bright colors, have been displayed in numerous art galleries, such as the Corcoran Gallery and the Grand Central and Riverside Museum in New York.  Savain died in 1973 at his residence in Fontamara, Haiti.

Claude Dambreville

Dambreville was born in Port-au-Prince on December 17, 1934. He studied accounting and worked for some months as a trainee at the “ Haiti Journal” newspaper. He was also the director of a broadcasting station “ Radio Tropiques” for ten years. Author of over 100 tales and short stories, he is also a humorous writer. He studied drawing and painting at the School ABC in Paris, at the Art Center, and with his father in-law, the late Haitian artist Pétion Savain. He has exhibited internationally. 

Francoise Jean

Born in Les Anglais on June 2, 1953, Francoise started drawing at an early age. In 1968, one year after moving to Port au Prince, she met Petion Savain, her neighbor and started working with him until his death in 1973. Francoise, then worked with the talented Jean Richard Coachy. One of her paintings was purchased to represent “The International year of Children” by the FAO in Germany. When asked why she only paints children, she simply replies, “children are my source of inspiration”. Her work has been exhibited around the world and well regarded by many collectors. 

Jean Richard Coachy

Jean Richard Coachy was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1951.  At the age of thirteen, he was accepted at the Calfou Club. He began his studies under the supervision of Haitian master Petion Savain. Coachy's Cubist Abstract, Surreal and impressionist has earned him the reputation of one the leading artist of Haiti. His works are primarily in acrylic on canvas and gouache. His themes include action cubist abstract gesture. In addition to painting, Coachy is also a respected art instructor in Haiti. His pupils include  Francoise Jean and Mona Haigler. He has held many exhibits in the United States, Europe, and Haiti. Illustrations of his painting can be seen in Jonathan Demme's book, "Island on Fire" and John Allen Franciscus' book, "Haiti Voodoo Kingdom To Modern Riviera. 

Jean Francois Olivier

Jean Francois Olivier was born in Petion-Ville, Haiti, and is the son of famous artist painter, Francoise Jean aka "Nouche".  He is following his mother footsteps and is a rising artist.  More of his work can be obtained in Petion-Ville.

Faimy Hakime

For inquiry, please write to or call 509 4896 1552  

More Artworks by Faimy Hakime

"Colour Blind" Collection

Painting by 19-Year Old Artist, Fenela Hakime

"Colour Blind" Collection

The artist is 19-year old Fenela Hakime.  This is her collection named "Colour Blind". Her art exhibit was at Festival Arts with Marie-Alice Theard, Festival Art.  She paints on canvas in black and  white.

"Colour Blind" Collection

All paintings are in oil on canvas, in black and white

Louis Jeune Patrice Kenny

For more details:

Louis Jeune Patrice Kenny

Independent young man paints to meet tuition needs as he's pursuing a career in Diplomacy, studying Gestion.