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From your touchdown @ the airport 'til your departure, leave everything to us!

We show you the highlights and the unexpected.

Rêve d'Or Tours

Marie Deltor "Malou"

I am not only the Founder of Reve d'Or Tours, I am also one of your tour guides and a traveler who enjoys many aspects of life in Haiti


I love sharing the beauty of my island with foreigners and also its children and grandchildren who, just like me, have left or have been disconnected.  Together with several agents of Reve D'Or Tours, I have toured many places in Haiti and visited hotels, restaurants and attractions so that we can put together the best packages for our clients.  We are the gate to Haiti!

Founder & Tour Guide


Personally, I have toured Haiti with many groups and have blended with locals to seek enjoyable conversations and activities to give every tour that extra touch.

Very often, I am your dealmaker!


Often I share my experiences, my discoveries and recommendations on social media to bring awareness and invite others to revisit the country hence bring activities to change the lives of those in need.


Our Services


The Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

A one-week trip from July 5 to July 11 starting with a 3 nights stay at the Marriott Hotel, 2 nights at the Royal Decameron Indigo Resort & Spa and 1 night at Village d'Ennery Hotel.

 Rêve d'Or Tours is planning the second edition of gala des femmes en flammes and will include the gala as the signature activity on that tour.

This tour includes several activities around Petion-Ville and Port-au-Prince.  Such as:  Festival Arts Gallerie, Observatory at Boutilliers,  Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien, Lakous Soukri, Badio and Souvnans in Gonaives.

Our Signature Event


This year our Second Edition of Gala des Femmes en Flammes will be held on Saturday, July 7, 2018

More info and details to follow or go to

A Red Carpet award ceremony honoring 10 iconic Haitian women for their work and contribution to Haiti.

Inquire if you desire to contribute or donate towards any aspects of the event.



  • Transportation to and from airport
  • All guided tours
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Activities
  • Special activities upon request

From your touchdown at the airport until your departure, leave everything to us!

We show you the highlights -- and the unexpected.

Nightly Entertainment


For your entertainment, we will plan activities that would be suitable to everyone in the group and will share those activities at least a week before the trip so that our travelers may have appropriate attire for those events.

Daily activities to Must See places and Nightly activities planned for all our guests.

Each of our tours is custom-designed specifically for small groups, with a balanced mix of traveling, sightseeing, cultural encounters, and free time.

Most important, we limit our tour membership to just 15 to 20 guests, both for the freedom, flexibility, and camaraderie that small groups engender, and also so guests may enjoy a more personal and authentic travel experience.

Escape from Everyday Life!

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More details to be published

Information available to members only!

7 days/6 nights in two different cities.

If not a member, please send your inquiry to  

(only serious inquiries will be considered).


Stressed Out at Work?

Relax in the Sun, Enjoy and Sand in Haiti!



  1. Will Reve d'Or Tours arrange for transportation from Airport to Hotel/Resort?  Yes
  2. Can Reve d'Or Tours arrange for special tours?  Yes, Reve d'Or will customize a tour for any customer with advanced notice.
  3. Does Reve d'Or Tours arrange flight to and from Haiti?  We don't arrange flights.
  4. Are children welcome on your guided tours?  Yes most places that we get accommodations for our customers are kids friendly.
  5. Is US$ ok for Haiti?  The gourde is the official currency in Haiti, but the US Dollar is used throughout the country at the daily exchange rate.

Site Content

Haitian Arts - Galleries


Haitian art is a complex tradition, reflecting African roots with strong Indigenous American and European aesthetic and religious influences. It is an important representation of Haitian culture and history.

A list of art galleries and artists' work are showcased on this site.

Haitian Culture


The culture of Haiti is an eclectic mix of African and European elements due to the French colonization of Saint Domingue and its large and diverse enslaved African population, as is evidenced in the Haitian language, music, and religion.

This website showcases many aspects of the Haitian culture.  Reve d'Or Tours will take you to any spiritual places, town or activities to reconnect with the island.  We will also arrange most of our tours around Fet Champet and accommodate our guests to enjoy those celebrations.

Signature Event - Gala des Femmes en Flammes


As part of our upcoming tour to Haiti, we are including our signature event, Gala des Femmes en Flammes on Saturday, July 7, 2018, at the Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince.  Our guests will be enjoying our VIP treatment.

This complimentary VIP ticket is valued at US$250.  

Local Products - #1 and Finest Rhum in the Carribbean


Barbancourt is a rum produced and bottled in Haiti by Société du Rhum Barbancourt, D. Gardère & Cie.. The company is one of Haiti's oldest, and its rum is one of the country's most famous exports, widely regarded as among the finest rums in the world. 

Natural Wonders


We are very proud of the riches of our island and as such we display our Natural Wonders and the history attached to them.

This illustrated cave is the Grotte Marie Jeanne.  This cave and several others are now equipped for tourism in Haiti.  There are guides to take you in and give you a history or nature of the caves.

This particularly unknown heritage will amaze you with its abundant concretions, stalactites and stalagmites with magical colors and mysterious underground labyrinths. A real underground adventure awaits you.  



  • Is Haiti safe to travel to?   Yes, Haiti's crime rate is significantly lower than that of Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. As Haiti continues to tremendously tackle the insecurity that has long damaged its reputation, we invite you to rediscover the long lost Pearl of the Antilles. 

Find more on our site

Galleries on every page


Most of the pages contain galleries of arts, places to visit, entertainment, people, food, our natural wonders, famous women, ancient Haiti.  

We also share with you galleries of memorable moments from past tours, upcoming tours, 

Upcoming tours and available packages


UPCOMING TOURS! Destination: Haiti. Reve d'Or Tours has a variety of trips crafted for 2018. Here is an event that is taking place over the next couple months. Get ready for more information to come! 

Family Reunions - Destination Weddings - Celebrations


Reve d'Or Tours provide services to small and large groups for destination weddings, family reunion, celebrations.  We are available to customize your tours and special requests.

Our Food


Haitian cuisine consists of cooking traditions and practices from Haiti. It is a Creole cuisine, that originates from a blend of several culinary styles that populated the western portion of the island of Hispaniola, namely the French, African, Taíno natives, and Spanish influence. 

This website showcases videos of Haitian chefs sharing their food preparation etc.  A great listing of restaurants in Haiti can be found here.

Visitors' Opinion "One of the Wonders of the World!"


Not far from the Palace of Sans Souci is the Citadelle Laferriere viewed as one of the wonders of the world.

This site showcases many tourist attractions and where to find them on the island.  We also showcase images and history of those places and what makes them attractive and appealing to visitors.

Sponsors and Partners


On this website, we give Appreciation  and Thanks.  We take the time to thank everyone or company that helps us or sponsors the causes that we are showcasing.  The website displays names of all our sponsors, past & present, supporters and partners of our signature event, Gala des Femmes en Flammes.

Thank you for visiting Reve d'Or Tours! We have so much for you to see virtually and physically...

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